“Annaliese From Off is a compelling story set in 1900’s Georgia, a world where both pristine land and human souls are entwined in their destinies. With vivid language and powerful characters, Lindy Carter takes the reader deep into a heart conflicted with profound needs and cultural expectations. I am enthralled with Annaliese, her brave life and her risky choices.”

Patty Callahan Henry
New York Times bestselling author

Annaliese From Off follows the story of young wife and mother Annaliese Stregal who, in 1900, reluctantly leaves her comfortable life in Louisville, Kentucky to live in a Georgia lumber camp as her attorney husband and his brother set up a lumber business. Joining her there is the sister-in-law she loathes, a prickly feminist who hounds her to embrace the women’s issues of the day, including discovering the power of one’s own sexuality. Just as they strike a truce, the women realize the extent of the environmental devastation their husbands are causing and must unite to stop them. But Annaliese is left on her own to save her family and the mountains she has come to love.

ISBN-10: 0692244344
370 pages

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“In the face of the timbering holocaust that swept through the Appalachian Mountains in the early 1900’s, Annaliese confronts those who would slash every tree. Mother, lumber mill owner, innovator, Annaliese discovers her strengths and passion as she thwarts male domination and greed. You’ll cheer her on every step of the way. Annaliese, Sound and True is a beautiful, evocative book from an important new voice in fiction.” 

Mary Alice Monroe
New York Times bestselling author

One woman. Ancient forests. Loggers on every slope.

In 1903, a widow awaits the birth of her third child in a north Georgia town. Annaliese Stregal has inherited her husband’s lumber company, seventeen thousand mountain acres, and his illegitimate child in her household. Originally from Kentucky, she planned to return there after the birth, but loggers are slashing the forests that she has come to love. A man who has quietly loved her for years asks her to sell the company and marry him. Instead, she begins running it with a controversial approach: America’s first scientific forestry principles. Just as her baby is born with a life-threatening defect, a desperate logger arrives with plans for her ancient trees. As new strengths emerge in Annaliese, she astonishes herself by pursuing erotic pleasure and revenge. In this sequel to Annaliese From Off, the woman who reluctantly left the parlors of Louisville now blazes a trail in a male-dominated world.

ISBN-10: 978-1-7320520-0-0
194 pages

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